The chances of getting a Black Bear over a 5 day hunt are excellent due to our remote territory, the minimal human presence, and the absence of hunting pressure.

The Black Bear population is healthier than many other places (25 tags per year over 240,000 acres with max 15-18 clients per year). It is very likely to get a color phase bear (black, blond, chocolate and cinnamon with white blaze spots on their chests). During the bear season, each hunter will have the opportunity to do some fishing after he harvests his trophy. The lodge is on the lake front; providing great spring fishing (mainly northern pike and walleye) even from the docks.

The Hunting Package

Black Bear

$2950.00 USD / hunt

Does not include: Bear tag, allocation, habitat, angling license, GST / PST. Additional $800.00 USD

Note: Prices do not include gratitude!


Gear to bring

Gun and /or bow, ammunition, no hand guns please

Fishing rod (we have spares)

Bug spray, net (if preferred or Thermacell)

Own safety belt if preferred

Rubber boots, rain gear (except Nov. & Dec.)

Insulated coveralls, long underwear, good quality winter boots

No blaze camo allowed. Rifle hunters must wear red, blaze, yellow or white, or any combination of these colors, must have red or blaze hut

Black powder and bow hunters may wear full camo

Mid afternoons can reach 30°C, cooling possibly to 0°C at night. Layers are best, so you are ready for any weather

Camera and binoculars